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Bead Mill Bead Mill
   We are a leading Bead Mill / Batch Bead Mill Manufacturer,    Exporter and Supplier Based in India.

   This modern high output fine grinding machine employees the    well-known principle of grinding with agitated small balls. The    materials take shorter grinding time in Bead Mill than    conventional Ball Mill. The Bead Mill is often referred to as a    Batch type Sand Mill. Capacity available 5 lts., 50 lts,100 lts.,    200 lts., 300 lts., 400 lts. (Total Vessel capacity).
Advantages Applications
  Economical, consume less power per liter of      materials.
  Faster Grinding Time
  No Pre-mixing
  Easy cleaning
  Safe and easy performance
  Low Noise Level
  Low maintenance cost
  Need short space
  Require no special foundation.

  Printing inks
  Other chemicals processing industries

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